Thank you for taking time to visit my website and I hope my photography has provided a moment of enjoyment and inspiration in your day.  “At home” in so many places around the world for the last twenty years and with digital camera in hand since 2005, this site represents a portion of all the world has placed in front of my eye and camera. With my best friend and wife at my side, along with two amazing children, I hope we can continue to travel and explore together.

I am fortunate to have found the friends and partners to have brought my photography to so many.  My work has been employed by Travel and Leisure magazine, Alaska Airlines, AAA guidebooks, and more importantly, it has found it's way into the homes and offices of those who wanted to find a way to keep a memory alive.

As creativity and artistry are a never-ending path, I am clearly still finding my way and always looking for ways to expand my vision and approach. I welcome your comments and suggestions on how to achieve that growth either through photographic opportunities or collaborative efforts.